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Class Year: 1968
Residing In: Pahoa, HI USA
Occupation: Retired
Military Service: NAVY  

In the fall of 1968, I left Timpson for a ten year stretch in the Navy. First stop, Balboa Naval Hospital then on to Guam Naval Hospital, USS Kittyhawk CVA-63 (recently decommissioned), 5 tours of Viet Nam (both on ship and in country) as medical staff, USS Misapillion, Bremerton Naval Hospital (Clinical Lab Staff) Bremerton, Washington, and finally independent duty as Lab director of Bangor Annex Dispensory (Bangor Nuclear Base) Bangor, Washington.

At ten years in service, you ither go the entire 20 years, or bail out!! Those who really know me will understand...... RECESS!!!!

I flushed my training to have a little fun for a change. Returned to Galveston for one year after service and worked for Holiday Inn as Night Auditor. BOOOORRRING!! I don't know if Texas had changed or if it was me (I suspect the latter) but nothing was any fun any more without my old school friends. I guess when people say "You can never go back", it is true!!

Holiday Inn transferred me to Seattle.

Moved back to Seattle, Washington and eventually established a restaurant in Hoodsport, Washington. Worked it until it was more business that I could handle (18 years, 14-16 hrs a day). I finally sold it, and my home to retire to the Big Island of Hawaii.

I designed and built my dream home and now enjoy my yard, a life long passion for writing, and art. (Will never be as good as my old friend and classmate Gay Stamps at drawing! She was just a natural at it, where I had to study!)

I have been on the board of directors of Ainaloa Community Association for nine years as Treasurer. That takes up some of the slack time.

Oddly enough, a few days after my best school friend, Gregory Eakin, e-mailed me about the passing of David Wharton, I had a major heart attack, also.

I was medivaced to Trippler Army Hospital (Honolulu) on the island of Oahu. After four days in a coma and three stints installed, I woke up!
Was in the hospital for two weeks and survived. The doctors said I should not have, but thought my warped sense of humor was the key.

So keep smiling, gang, it may save your life!!!

Feeling fine now, and thanks to those back home that sent prayers and e-mails. (I will answer e-mails, HE ^ answered the prayers!).

Hope to hear from everyone back home,


I'll be getting off the Board of Directors of Ainaloa Community next March!! Twelve years and now Vice President is enough to harden the arteries of anyone. I hope to see Europe next year and maybe a trip to Vegas for fun.
Keep the peace,

School Story:


When I was sixteen, I purchased my first car from my older sister. Although it was only six years old, the gulf coast weather where she lived left it with more rust than paint. Among other "minor" flaws, the standard shift column under the hood was held together with a coat hanger. Well, what do you expect for $75 ???

Being po' folk on the farm, we had to improvise.
So, 20 cans of red and white spray paint later, two lard buckets filled with old fiber glass curtains for a muffler, a new plastic Jesus on the dash and the kid was travelin' in style! David Wharton, Greg, Sharon, Marsha, Nancy, Patsy Miller and I had a lot of fun in it. However, anyone that sat in the back had to hold their feet up because you could see the pavement through a 16 inch hole rusted in the floorboard.

She twern't much, but "La Bomba" was mine!

I gave up my lunch money to buy gas (28 cents a gallon) so I could drive to school each day. Our bus driver, John Mathis, would NEVER again have the pleasure of throwing me off the bus every day ten miles from home. (Think I cut up too much on the bus?)

Looking back now, I am sure the police (Carroll Wayne Milford) looked the other way when I drove through town. Otherwise, he surely would have given me a ticket for " littering the highway" with all the parts that fell off on the street.

Thanks to Mrs. Barbara Hooper (my favorite teacher), I was allowed to work in the library on a special program for extra money. I earned enough for a "REAL" twenty dollar muffler to replace the two lard buckets. Life was good.

One friday morning, my cousin Nancy Jane (Franks) stormed into the study hall in an explosion of panic demanding the keys to "La Bomba". She had forgotten the crown for homecoming that night and had to go home to get it.

Any one that knows Nancy Jane knows that she could press three hundred words into a single breath and under stress she could "bench" press a thousand.

Now, every teenager knows the unwritten code shared only amoung the guys:
"NEVER LOAN YOUR WHEELS TO A FEMALE!!!", but what the hey, she was family.........

After several hours, I began to worry because she had not returned. I imagined she was cutting class at the new drive-in down town or she was parked behind "Bell's" across the street from the grade school (BS-ing with Linda Salser). Like every self centered teenage male car owner, it never occured to me that she may be lying on the highway bleeding from an accident or run off the road by a rogue possum.

Suddenly, everyone turned toward the windows to see what was making noise like a Sherman tank plowing into the parking lot.

In front of Mr. Bogue's office, Nancy Jane got out of my car,covered from head to toe in soot and dirt. She stomped up the walkway and into the hallway just as the bell rang. As I came out of class, Nancy threw the keys at me and yelled over her shoulder, "Take it to Norris Crump's and have it fixed!" She then escaped into the girl's restroom......

Feeling the heat rise up my neck, I charged into the restroom after her. I was contemplating holding her head in the toilet until the bubbles stopped or mummifying her in toilet paper for a Biology project for Mr. Hooper.

Fist fighting was not an option. She was not only kin but a country girl. Besides, she could probably beat my butt anyway.....

In a rush of explainations, she swore she had not been speeding but had dragged the muffler off as she crossed the railroad tracks. She even swore she tried to fix it on the road.

Suddenly, somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind, I realized there were girls screaming in the stalls. The red in my face was no longer from anger but embarrasment for being in the girl's can. Exit, stage right........

Crawling under my prized limo, I took a deep breath to prepare myself for the damages. How could she have tried to "fix it" without any tools?
As my eyes adjusted to dim light, I realized what was still sizzling on the surface of the red hot muffler and exhaust pipe.

You guessed it........

her pantyhose.

Needless to say, I was not able to see through the tears from laughing so hard and believe it or not, I still love my cuz...........


Recently, an old school friend, Betty Whiteside, wrote me and reminded me of an incident that happened when I was in Mrs. Bussey's 5th grade class. Many of my class mates will remember this one.

"Pepe Le Pew"

It was about 4am on a winter morning when my old dog "Hunter" decided to stir up a little fun. The skunk was in our hen house when it let loose with an odoriffic anouncement of it's presence! The hen house was about 300 feet from the house and even though the windows and doors were closed, it seemed to permiate everything for miles!!
I just knew that skunk was thinking, "AHHHHHHH, that was a GOOD one!!!".

Before leaving for school, I jumped in a hot tub of water and scrubbed with a soap but the smell apearently didn't come off. Of course, the musk corroded every hair and fried every olfactory nerve in my nose, so I couldn't smell it anyway....
Got on the bus, as usual.....
Following me to the back of the bus, was a thin green vapor, lilting on the breeze........

All of a sudden, I had the entire back of the bus to myself........

First period, Mrs. Bussey's class; the windows in the class room were always closed and the radiators were alway hot enough to scorch any new blue jeans that might happen to get too close.
The heat just made that thin green vapor almost opaque............

Mrs. Bussey was not exactly a "petite" woman, and could throw those 100 lb. windows open with one hand. After crashing them all to the ceiling, the tempature dropped 40 degrees in the room.

She then withdrew the clean, dainty, little hanky from her pocket and approched my desk....
This was not bowels turned to ice water......

Sniffing the top of my head, she instantly covered her nose with the hanky and latched a vice grip hand on my ear to pull me outside of class.
(Until I was 15, I was positive that Mrs, Bussey had cause my and Jack Wilder's ears to stand straight out....)

My dad had to pick me up at school and take me home.

When I got home, Mama made me take another bath with a gallon jar of home canned tomato juice. Now, I not only smelled like I had fallen through the hole in the outhouse, but the acid in the tomato juice gave me hives.

Mama, with her old wive's tales, told me that the only thing that would neutralize the acid was baking soda......

Back to the bath room with a box of baking soda and a sink of warm water, I wet myself all over and proceeded to pour the entire box of soda over my head while standing in the bathtub.

All of a sudden, I started to bubble all over like one of the pod people in that old fifties film "The Body Snatchers". After a few seconds, panic set in and I charged out of the bathroom in my birthday suit, covered in foam like churned buttermilk.
As I bolted out the screened front door, the dog howled and put his hackles up to give chase.

Mama, with her VERY Victorian attitude, did not KNOW what she was, but she was NOT amused!!!

Belle Salser and her new "Workin' Girl"

I don't remember exactly what year this took place but I suppose Brenda Bogue could remember. It was the year that James L. Bogue was the "blushing bride".

Somehow, I had been conned into being the "peanut girl" in the womanless wedding for a school benefit. (Mrs. Margret Eakin and Barbara Hooper plotted this one!)

The night of the improvised play, I went to Mrs. Ruby Moses' house to get dressed. My grandma had made my outfit, Patsy Miller donated her blonde fall, and the only thing I couldn't find were a pair of size 15 pumps that fit... Thanks to Mrs. Moses, a pair of black knit house slippers were sacrificed....... I looked like a hooker.............

About a half an hour before the show, I adjusted my straps, checked my girdle and grabbed my purse. A star was born.....

I had walked no more that a block down the street toward the school, when a black pick-up zoomed by me and suddenly stomped on the brakes.
All I could see was a cowboy hat and shotgun on the rack behind the cab seat. I was ether gonna' be raped or murdered and for a guy in a dress, being caught by some redneck, one out of two wasn't bad. I just hoped death would be swift!

As I caught up to the pick-up that was idling in the street, the older guy smiled and ask, "Can I give you a lift?"

I thought, "Yeah, right over a cliff..." but I smiled, put my head down shyly and shook my head no.

By the time I got to Belle's, the truck had made the block and spotted me as I banged on the back door in a panic. As I was telling Belle what was going on, the tall, lanky cowboy climbed out of his truck. Belle knew who he was and started laughing. Then, she pushed me toward the front window and told me to take his order. As all of you know me, the spirit of bullshit overcame me and I had to take advantage of this God given opportunity to make a complete and utter idiot of myself....

In the softest voice I could muster, I ask, "Can I take your order?"
I tried to bat my eyelashes, but Patsy Miller had used too much glue and one was stuck to the lower lid..

He ordered a small coke, to which I gave him his change. In my regular voice, I turned around and yelled out to Belle, "What you burnin' back there?? Ol' shoes?? To which Belle doubled over in laughter and the cowboy almost spit out the coke all over the front window.

All of a sudden, he turned beet red and started to laugh, saying, "I forgot all about that play tonight!"

The cowboy was a good sport and came to the play that night, Belle had a good laugh and I was fortunate that angels watch over kids and fools like me.....cause anywhere but Timpson, it could have been bad news!

P.S. I think the cowboy was one of those good natured Hairgrove boys, God bless 'em all!

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Giving up my home in Hawaii was a difficult decision but when the last volcanic eruption took out 1700 homes five miles away from my home, living on the edge became too close for comfort.
Helping friends evacuate what was left of their homes was a wake up call as to how fragile and miniscule we are to the violent forces of nature.
We were able to sell off both homes and extra lots in time to leave before the next explosion. I have always seem to have the "Luck of the Irish" and with God's help was able to buy our home outside of Las Vegas, Nevada and having no mortgage.
I am now within 2 miles from a cardiologist vice 475 miles by air from Hawaii Island to Oahu. David is also within 3 miles of Las Vegas Cancer Center and with the new treatment, he is now in remission. Everything happens for a reason and as the Irish say, "When God closes a door, he opens a window.". Just let it happen, and play the hand you are dealt!

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Happy Birthday, Sweet Kate!! Have a great year!

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Vicky and I were friends in high school.  She and I recognized each other from a common sense of humor.  When the bell rang at the end of class, Vicky would come through the hall enterance of the Home Economics class as I was leaving my English class.  She would put her arms out and run at me in slow motion,  I would do the same toward her.  As we met in the hall we would keep running in slow motion with our arms held out and run by each other.  The kids in the hall would crack up and Vicky and I would join in the laughter.   

She was a sweet and humorus girl and I alway thought of her fondly over the years.  May she rest in peace in heaven, fore she brought laughter and joy to all that knew her.

God Bless,

Regie Harris

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Happy Birthday, pretty lady! Have a great year!

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Damn! You're gettin' old!!! How'd you get so much older that me??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ;)

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Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:38 PM
Hey, Eakin!! Still want to go surfing like we did in Freeport???
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:38 PM
Lunch at Huggo's, Kona, Hawaii. (Favorite place to eat.)
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:38 PM
Royal Kona Resort. A favorite place for weekend getaways.
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:38 PM
Seaturtle Lagoon, Kona, Hawaii. Favorite place to swim.
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:38 PM
My beautiful sister, Betty.
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:38 PM
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:38 PM
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:38 PM
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:38 PM