Timpson Football History

Timpson Football History.  Click on Timpson to download.  It is a long document of about 185 pages or more. I will try to do corrections,additions, deletions about every six months or so.  Please email me your comments as It would help a lot.

If anyone desires a hard copy of this to give to a parent or someone without a computer.  Let me know and I will have a binder made of it.  The cost is twenty dollars.  Please note I make no profiit on it whatsoever!  I just want people to see it and enjoy.  I plan on giving the City of Timpson library a copy and also the school in the near future.

I would like to express my appreciation and deep graditute to David Pike of the Class of 1958 who researched and provided most of the articles from the Timpson Area Genalogical Society (TAGHS).   Quite simply without David's help this could not have been completed.  Thank-you, David.

Also thank-you TAGHS for providing a place to research the history of Timpson Football and any other items of interests.  TAGHS has digital copies of most Timpson Times from early 1900s thru 1969.  If you ever want to find out some information about your family, I higly recommend you pay visit to their office.